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I Have Never Seen The Like

Posted in Bad Craziness on January 21, 2010 by brokenheadphones

Okay, I was AROUND when this all jumped off, but I have absolutely NO memory of any of it.  Does anyone ELSE out there remember the Dale automobile from the Twentieth Century Motor Car Company?  I admit, I am perplexed beyond words.  How could I have missed this??  This link is a 10-minute videoclip from Unsolved Mysteries, but really, the story has to be seen to be believed.

Thanks to Paleo-Future for the link.


It’s About Time *Someone* Had Their Head Screwed On Straight…

Posted in PWNED, stfu on January 11, 2010 by brokenheadphones

I just finished reading this article in the Wall Street Journal, wherein U. of Colorado professor Paul Campos shows everyone  just what we face everyday in America versus the screaming hysteria we have to hear from our media outlets, not to say the TSA.  I said, after the shoe-bomb guy made it impossible for me to get onto an airplane with my dignity intact, that I’d had it with our airports freaking out and locking up the barn after the horse has galloped into the next county.

If there’s one thing 42 years of life in Detroit taught me, it’s that if somebody REALLY wants to get you, they’re going to get you, and if they want you that badly, a few people on either side of you who aren’t even involved won’t make much difference.

It REALLY pisses me off everytime *I* have to endure some new loss of personal freedom or privacy everytime some dumbass shows the TSA to be a bunch of waterheads.  I also wish more people would see this article.