Show, 1st December

So, we’re in Dublin.  We just played Whelan’s.  This was a particularly good show from the audience-participation angle; everybody was singing along and generally having a heck of a good time.  I had no idea Dubliners even *remembered* the Dirtbombs, since we haven’t been here in seven years.  Tonight was the first night I used the “new” guitars (read: massively pimped out) from Koontz (that would be Koontz Guitar Repair, quite frankly one of the best there is, but I couldn’t find a link), so it was kind of a shakedown cruise.  Now I know.

After the show, this guy comes up to me to chat.  He says,  “I’m a performing musician myself, so I don’t wanna take up too much of your time”,  blah blah.  We chat for a couple minutes, during which he mentions that he was in a band back ion the 70’s and 80’s, and he turns to go, and I get curious.  “Hey, what band were you in?”

“Ah, I was in this band called Clock DVA, and…” and this point whatever he was saying faded out because I was picking my jaw up off the floor.  “WhaheyHUH???” was all I managed.  Here was a guy from one of the bands I IDOLISED telling me how *I* changed HIS life????  I’m gobsmacked.

Dude, if you happen across this, I just wanna say:  “The Hacker” was in my DJ crate for over a year, and I’m talkin’ about 2006/7 (I bought it when it came out).  I nearly got my ass kicked for beating a guy to a copy of ‘High Holy Disco Mass”.  Track me down.  I wanna make records with YOU.


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