In The Uncanny Valley #1

     After several discussions here and there, I decided to start a new category, which is just rants about furry stuff.  The title (for the novice) comes from a net.paradigm which visualises things in terms of their familiarity to the viewer.  Normal things are on the same side as the viewer, and things that are so bizarre that they have no analogue in the viewer’s experience are on the other side.  Things that are sorta normal, but too weird for the viewer to be comfortable with, are in the valley.  The idea was originally inspired by people’s reaction to humanoid robots,  but I understand that for most people, furry fandom is in the valley.  Whatever.

My first rambling mishegas was going to be about liking foxes and being careful what one wishes for, but I came across this documentary-in-progress on BoingBoingTV and I had to mention it.

Of course, the director focuses on the fursuiters and mostly ignores the rest of us, but really, do we expect any different these days?  That the clip shown was as even-handed as it WAS I found something of a minor miracle.  It remains to be seen what the end result will look like, but I imagine it will ignore the rest of us, as well.


One Response to “In The Uncanny Valley #1”

  1. I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks this is Utopia is either A) an idiot or B) so wrapped up in his own little life and desires that he can’t see the shithole we are living in, which would make him an idiot.

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