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On The New ‘Beowulf’ Movie

Posted in stfu on November 5, 2007 by brokenheadphones

     There’s an interesting discussion taking place here about the new ‘Beowulf’ flick, and whether or not it qualifies as ‘animation’.  Apparently, director Robert Zemeckis did a lot of motion capture, and then had all the actors CGI’ed to look exactly like themselves, which makes no sense whatever to me, except that it meant Zemeckis didn’t actually have to DIRECT anyone after they recorded their lines.

The general consensus over at Cartoon Brew seems to be that what was done on ‘Beowulf’ isn’t animation, and I agree.  It’s not; there’s far too much CGI for it to be “mere” animation.  I think they’ll have to come up with a new category for these things.

Also: I’ve seen the story of ‘Beowulf’, as filmed.  The comicbook adaptation is already being sold in bookstores.  Making a movie of the oldest written story in English (not the oldest written story, and maybe not even the oldest novel) means there’s no pesky copyright, and no pesky screenwriter to drag your name and sex/drug habits into the streets when you make a change to his/her prose.  Those who have read the original know that after what we would see as the denouement, the story keeps going for a while and then just kinda peters out.  This version adds a neat, but somewhat Hollywood twist to the end that will at least make it interesting to watch.

Normally, this would be the point at which I’d wish for a similarly-made film with furries in it, but considering how much of what comes from Hollywood these days is crap, that wish is hereby rescinded.  I would wish now for some independent folks with access to googobs of computing power to whip up something worth looking at, not just because it’s full of ZOMGCGISFX00RZ!!, and not just because it has furries in it, but because it’s actually a GOOD MOVIE.

Aaaah, I can dream, can’t I?


In The Uncanny Valley #1

Posted in Uncanny Valley on November 3, 2007 by brokenheadphones

     After several discussions here and there, I decided to start a new category, which is just rants about furry stuff.  The title (for the novice) comes from a net.paradigm which visualises things in terms of their familiarity to the viewer.  Normal things are on the same side as the viewer, and things that are so bizarre that they have no analogue in the viewer’s experience are on the other side.  Things that are sorta normal, but too weird for the viewer to be comfortable with, are in the valley.  The idea was originally inspired by people’s reaction to humanoid robots,  but I understand that for most people, furry fandom is in the valley.  Whatever.

My first rambling mishegas was going to be about liking foxes and being careful what one wishes for, but I came across this documentary-in-progress on BoingBoingTV and I had to mention it.

Of course, the director focuses on the fursuiters and mostly ignores the rest of us, but really, do we expect any different these days?  That the clip shown was as even-handed as it WAS I found something of a minor miracle.  It remains to be seen what the end result will look like, but I imagine it will ignore the rest of us, as well.