Tonight Show clip with Steve Allen, 1953

     Earlier tonight I was checking out this article about the future of television.  I found it interesting that people are more likely to watch the commercials if they can time-shift the program to whenever they want.  That’s fine and all, but what I really want is better shows to watch.

Cartoon Network is decreasing in quality by the month, and the poor Sci-Fi Channel should, at this point, be taken out ’round back of the barn with grandpappy’s #5 shooting iron, and, as they say, sent on.  I used to make time to watch the Sci-Fi Channel.  Nowadays, if it wasn’t for their atrocious original movie series, I wouldn’t watch at all, and I almost never watch THOSE, although I do tune in to see if the latest will be, if not halfway decent, then bad enough to laugh at.

American television is terrible.  There’s no point in owning all of the admittedly cool television gadgets like a TiVO if there’s NOTHING ON WORTH LOOKING AT.

Which leads me to these gem-like clips of the Tonight Show from 1953, with Steve Allen hosting a live halloween party with Jayne Meadows, Kim Novak, Edie Gorme’, Gene Rayburn, and a bunch of other people milling around on the stage.  There’s an impromptu musical number, a bit of song-and-dance, and a show-stopping game of Crazy Grapefruit which was just AWESOME to watch, and which would probably never happen on TV today.

Television sure was interesting to look at in 1953…


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