Wine: Leelanau Cellars Autumn Harvest

     Leelanau Cellars has a series of vins-de-table for each season; the recent dramatic change in the weather here in the Great Lakes prompted me to give the Autumn Harvest a try:

Sharp and brisk on the palate, with a smoky, apple-y undertone which definitely brought to mind memories of good Frankenmuth cider, and the smells and tastes of autumn in Michigan.  A lingering, spicy finish.

I feel like an idiot typing all of that ‘sights and smells of Michigan autumn’ jive, but y’know, that’s what they were GOING for, and I have to say, as someone who doesn’t even LIKE autumn, that if their wine managed to invoke that sort of stuff in me without my hating it, it must be pretty good, n’est-ce pas?

This is not a serious, fou-fou-wine-snob wine; this is a casual, easy-drinking, friends-over-on-a-friday-night kind of wine which should suit most casual foods really well (I had pasta with mine), and of course, could not be better suited for its season.


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