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Show, 19th May

Posted in Music on May 21, 2006 by brokenheadphones

     Apparently, merely liking the band is not a good enough reason to go see a show.  This is an utterly alien mindset to me.  If I really like a band, I'm gonna go see 'em when they come to my town, whether they have anything to sell me or not.  I'm going to see the SHOW.  But then, I buy records based on the cover art, and almost never because of reviews, so what do *I* know?

     The best part of the night was the woman with the fabulous, FABULOUS legs.  <sigh>



Our Watches Are Ready

Posted in Infectious Agents on May 17, 2006 by brokenheadphones

     They are available here, for about $365, and they have everything we need: accurate sun and moon positions, and tracking for Sirius and Arcturus.  If you have to ask why tracking for Sirius and Arcturus is needed, then these watches aren't FOR you; they're for…those of us who need these things.