On Tour, Post One

Okay, so I’m finally getting to the promised blogging of the tour. This shit ain’t easy if you don’t have a laptop, so shut up.

Milwaukee- Garage DJ.

Chicago- Alright. Scored a Ryuichi Sakamoto 12-inch at Dusty Grooves (I’d include a link, but I promised our tour manager Dorien that I wouldn’t screw up her Safari windows).

Columbia MO- Played ‘Blue Monday’ by New Order. We drove to get some miles under us on the way to Denver. When we woke up in Hays, Kansas the next morning, a massive snowstorm had shutdown I-70, leaving us with no way to get to Denver. We wound up driving to Dodge City, then east to Trinidad, Colorado, then up to Denver. We got there a half-hour after Midnight. The audience stayed.

Denver- The promoter tried to stop us from coming. Dork. It was a snowstorm. we’re from MICHIGAN.

Part two follows whenever…


2 Responses to “On Tour, Post One”

  1. Blue Monday, eh? You realize this is getting added to Raised by Wolves on the list of songs I love that Mick only plays when I’m not around. You have some serious sucking up to do, Mr. Collins.

  2. Snowstorm: hahahahaha! Stupid manager. Hahahaha! It’s like saying the same thing to Canadians. (Except Torontonians. They’re afraid of snow.)

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