Signs and Portents

A couple years ago, I was driving through one of Detroit’s small border suburbs, and I happed across a protest rally at an intersection.  Someone was holding up a sighn that read ‘Honk If You Think Dubya Should Be Impeached’, or words of similar meaning.  I remember distinctly that I was the only person among the eight or nine cars who honked, and I got a dirty look from the person driving the car next to me.

Today, I was driving through the same suburb, and I came across another protest rally at the same intersection.  Someone was holding a sign that read ‘Honk If You Think Bush Must Go!’  There were about 15 – 20 vehicles at the intersection, and when the light flipped green, suddenly horns went off as if I were sitting in Rush Hour on Chicago’s Eisenhower Expressway.  That’s quite a change.


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