Review: Godland – “Hello, Cosmic!”

Like most folks my age, back in the day I read a lot of Silver Age comics.  A particular favourite was the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby run of ‘Fantastic Four‘, with its psychedelic colours and mind-expanding tales of cosmic doings.  As an adult, I’ve often wondered why the cats at Esalen never hooked up with Marvel or DC during this period (this would have also been during the time of DC’s famous cosmic tales of Green Lantern and the Jim Shooter run of Legion of Superheroes, other favourites of mine); the synergetic potential should have been obvious.  I think we missed an evolutionary tipping point, there, and as we know, I’m ALL FOR evolving.  Anything’s got to be better than our current Bilderberg World Order.  But I digress.  My eschatological leanings will get their fair share of display here in future, I’m sure…

Anyway: the basic idea behind the Image comic ‘Godland‘ was to make a new comic in the style of the Silver Age ‘Cosmic’ milieux.  I was pretty dubious of the whole thing when I first saw the comics in the store, so I never looked at it.  However, after a while I began to notice people heaping praise upon it, and I got curious.  “Hello, Cosmic!” is the trade paperback collecting the first six issues of the comic, and I have to say: Yeah, ‘Godland’ delivers it the way we remember it, without all the cornball dialogue.  Creators Joe Casey and Tom Scioli have taken the styles of the Silver Age masters and made a genre out of it, while still leaving room for modern innovations.  I’m giving it a solid A all ’round, and they’re just getting warmed up, so now’s the time to climb aboard, kiddies.  Going UP…


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