Yay Money Grubbing…

I was forced to make the decision today to change the price of my MP3s from 50 cents to 75 cents, solely on the grounds that over the long run I can’t afford it, what with PayPal taking 10 cents of every purchase.  On a 50 cent download, that’s 20 percent of the purchase price going to PayPal.

I chose my initial price of 50 cents mainly because I feel that 99 cents is just too much to ask for one song, so 50 cents oughta be good.  When I was  buying 45s as a teenager, they cost $1.50, and I still feel that 75 cents apiece is a fair price for two songs.

In the long run, 65 cents per song will enable me to record a LOT more songs, so I’m sure that’s okay with you, right?


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