Con Blather: Further Confusion 2006

I wasn’t actually staying at the hotel during the con, so I kinda feel like I missed a bunch, and I certainly missed the drunken wandering through the hallways at all hours.  I ran into Eric Elliott, one of the Guests of Honour exactly once.  There was much eating though, and some really good conversations (especially with Watts Martin, and some discussion of possible collaboration with fabulous, FABULOUS illustrator Susan Van Camp), and the shopping was great as usual, so I guess it was good overall.

The fursuiters had a huge march through the main halls, and there were hundreds of them.  The first furry convention I went to, ConFurence III, had about 350 attendees.  It looked like there were that many in fursuits this time.  Amazing.  My friends and I realised that we’re so used to seeing fursuits walking around furry conventions, we don’t even notice them anymore unless they’re of an exceptional design.  A decade ago, seeing just one was an event.

I never take any pictures, because furry conventions are such a media-oriented event that pages of photos usually turn up on websites anyway (not to mention the DVDs), but this time I decided to share with you the top five quotes of the con.  All identifying utterances have been removed, in case it was something *I* said:

#5: “This…can only end badly.”

#4: “Our television show will have a message, but without getting into the tanks, the guns, the killing and the blood.”

#3: (The following exchange)  “Who is *that*?”

“I dunno…’Painfully Cute’ is what I’d call it.”

“Yeah.  Yeah, I’m kinda with that.”

“Which part, the cute or the pain?”


#2: (TIE)  A: “Welllll…that was educational, but not in the way I’d hoped.”

B: “Uh!  Uh!  Ah!  AH!  AAAAAAAGGGGHH!  Check THAT out!”

#1: “I got enough tiger -u— to last ALL YEAR!”

Oh, I did manage to score a pint of Jack Daniel’s, so I guess everything works out in the end…


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