Ripped Off.

So I’m trying to set the store up today (a Byzantine process which has involved more than my fair share of screwing around with variables and config files, which we all know I DON’T LIKE TO DO, Linux coders), and I call PayPal because I wanted them to confirm the ability to sell my MP3 files for less than a dollar.  After a couple of internal phone calls on the part of the extremely helpful rep Kathy (not being sarcastic here), I’m told that I can indeed institute micropayments.  However, Paypal takes TEN CENTS of the price as their cut.  “You might want to charge 60 cents” said Kathy.  “I thought about it already” I said.  After a moment, Kathy said, “You might as well sell them for a dollar.”  This set me off on my rant about how selling one song for a dollar is ridiculous, like selling grapes for a dime each.

But there’s no choice.  If I’m going to sell my music at what I believe to be a fair price to you, the buyer, I’m forced to give PayPal 10 of the 50 cents I’m charging.  AND THEN, they take their own sweet time about verifying the transaction, like maybe two days if they’re feeling magnanimous.  AND THEN, they don’t do direct deposit; I have to put the money in my bank account MYSELF.  Unbelieveable.  And they’re the only game in town.  Western Union can’t seem to compete, somehow.
In the end, everything was resolved, and now it’s all up to The Guru to put everything together and get this thing up and running.


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