Auto Show Misery

The North American International Auto Show (formerly known as the Detroit International Auto Show,l but it was changed because the name Detroit connotes images of poverty and crime, gods curse each and every one of you over-monied fucks) doesn’t open for another week, and already I’m sick of it. The local media outlets have given up on any real news, such as the new cases of H5N1 influenza in Ankara Turkey, to give us glowing reports on the latest offerings from automakers, or yet another story about how General Motors had better shape up or else in the face of increased competition from every other non-American car company. Even the CBC is in on the act, giving us NIGHTLY reports on Chinese automaker Geely, for no apparent reason other than they get to wibble on about how Geely is gonna kick GM’s ass, somehow. I strongly suspect they’re only on about them because no-one else is mentioning them.

Y’know, I understand I live in Detroit, and that this auto show is a big one, and the biggest for American automakers. But – and I guess this is directed at media outlets more than anybody else – WE DON’T NEED WALL-TO-WALL COVERAGE of this, especially not A WEEK BEFORE THE OPENING. I don’t care that much about the new cars; the new Camaro looks nice, but 1) it’s not hydrogen powered, which is the only way I’ll look twice at a new car (note I said ‘hydrogen powered’ and not ‘hybrid’); 2) it’ll be ridiculously expensive, and 3) I think it’s a concept car anyway. And NOW, since I’ve been hearing about it continuously for the past 72 HOURS, I’m bored with it.

By the time the Auto Show opens next week, the local media outlets will have nattered on about the cars so much, I won’t need or want to go.


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