Review: “The Call of Cthulhu”

The first movie of the new year, and damn, was it a good one.

The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society spent the past year adapting their namesake’s classic tale in the style of a 1927 silent, black-and-white movie, with superb results.

I don’t have much to say about this flick on the negative side.  It was DIY, a labour of love, and cost about five grand to make.  Most of what makes it such a great movie, however, comes from these very facts.  Some parts are pretty hokey-looking, to be sure, but I’ll tell ya, I can not recall the last time I watched a special effect in a Hollywood movie and said, out loud, ‘Whoa, that was fuckin’ sweet!’

This film is excellent, a magnificent example of what can be accomplished by independent artists.  If films like ‘Call Of Cthulhu’ and ‘Kaze: Ghost Warrior‘ have taught is anything, it’s that the age of the DIY movie/tv show is HERE.  There is no longer any reason whatever to wait on Hollywood to do something interesting.  We’re at a point now where a group like the HPLHS can scrabble together a minor masterpiece with little more than masking tape and cheesecloth.

If you see this movie – and I urge you to, because it’s great – you may not like it.  Think you can do better?  Go for it.  Nothing’s stopping you now.


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