Review: Nick Redfern, “Three Men Seeking Monsters”

I’ve enjoyed the writing of Nick Redfern for many years in the pages of Fortean Times magazine, so I was looking forward to this, a first-hand account of six weeks spent roaming England in search of anomalous phenomena.

However, while a good yarn, ‘Three Men Seeking Monsters‘ reads more like a stereotypical British shaggy-dog story than a gripping account of three researchers in the grip of the Unknown. They come up against some interesting things, mind you, but they always seem to end inconclusively. I supose like all good Fortean books, this one leaves the reader with more questions than answers. The book is long on stumbling through the woods, a bit short on things actually happening, and rather heavy on the Ramones.

The book’s central notion – that sightings of Sasquatch, UFOs and other weird phenomena tend to all happen in groups, under similar circumstances and geographically clumped – is spelled out in the book, but never really looked at in any great detail, save for a couple of instances, recounted from research journals.

Redfern’s work in Fortean Times has always hinted that there was more going on in the story than he was writing about. I guess this is the book of the ‘everything else’. By itself, however, it’s no story.


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