Review: Nuyorican Soul: “It’s Alright – I Feel It!”

Kate Bush has a new record out. I’ll review it as soon as I get my sweaty paws on a copy. Right now, I wanna talk about this Nuyorican Soul 12-inch, and while the Mood II Swing and Roni Size mixes are great, let’s cut to the chase: the Masters At Work mix featuring the vocals of Jocelyn Brown.

Those of you who are true music afficionados will be familiar with Jocelyn Brown’s only hit under her own name, ‘Somebody Else’s Guy’, where her acapella opening aria let you know she was gonna bring the fire. Her performance on “It’s Alright – I Feel It!” is so stratospheric, UberProducers Louie Vega and Kenny Gonzalez decided to not even put music under it. When she leaves the verses, they pull all the tracks out except some piano and the backing vocals, while Ms. Brown delivers one of the most amazing, uplifting musical sermons you’re likely to ever hear on a dance floor.
Kate Bush can sing the Pi numerical sequence and make it sound like a deep and meaningful love ballad; Jocelyn Brown could sing the back of a box of Cap’n Crunch and make it sound like God’s Most Important Message To His Creation. I don’t know when this came out, but this is my new favourite record.

Somewhere, Nicky Siano is making an audience weep with joy with this track.


One Response to “Review: Nuyorican Soul: “It’s Alright – I Feel It!””

  1. The Jocelyn Brown link doesn’t work. If I’d known you were so hot to get the new Kate Bush album I would have bought it for you instead of Kathy.

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