I was on the phone with a friend when I walked by the TV and saw a bit of the film “The Joker Is Wild” starring Frank Sinatra. In the scene was a woman whom I was instantly attracted to. The friend and I talked about her, but we couldn’t figure out who she was. (Turns out she was Jeanne Crain.)

While I was searching for a suitable link for Jeanne Crain, I happed across this site, which appears to be a fetish site for glamourous women in opera gloves. (I’m a furry fan; who am *I* to pass judgement on what moves anyone else?) I couldn’t resist peeking at the galleries for Myrna Loy and the Gabor sisters (because ‘those who know me best, know me best’) but in the end it was little more than entertaining, because (furry issues notwithstanding) I am a leg man.


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