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So Much for Eye Candy…

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I had planned to spend today changing the look of this thing, to make it look more liike the forthcoming store, but all of the templates available look more or less like this one (and NONE of them have dark backgrounds), so never mind.

Oh, and Happy New Year…


Oh yeah…

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For the record, I’m still reading ‘Moby Dick‘.

Review: Nick Redfern, “Three Men Seeking Monsters”

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I’ve enjoyed the writing of Nick Redfern for many years in the pages of Fortean Times magazine, so I was looking forward to this, a first-hand account of six weeks spent roaming England in search of anomalous phenomena.

However, while a good yarn, ‘Three Men Seeking Monsters‘ reads more like a stereotypical British shaggy-dog story than a gripping account of three researchers in the grip of the Unknown. They come up against some interesting things, mind you, but they always seem to end inconclusively. I supose like all good Fortean books, this one leaves the reader with more questions than answers. The book is long on stumbling through the woods, a bit short on things actually happening, and rather heavy on the Ramones.

The book’s central notion – that sightings of Sasquatch, UFOs and other weird phenomena tend to all happen in groups, under similar circumstances and geographically clumped – is spelled out in the book, but never really looked at in any great detail, save for a couple of instances, recounted from research journals.

Redfern’s work in Fortean Times has always hinted that there was more going on in the story than he was writing about. I guess this is the book of the ‘everything else’. By itself, however, it’s no story.

Review: A. Lee Martinez, “Gil’s All Fright Diner”

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This is a thoroughly enjoyable read, a fast-paced romp through the standard b-movie tropes: vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and lurking eldritch horrors, not to mention a jailbait sorceress.

The story is taut and unflagging, the characters are well-rounded and personable, and the writing is breezy and uncluttered. Martinez takes what at first glance sounds like yet another post-pomo goth reconstruction – hick vampire and trucker werewolf help rid a truckstop diner of zombies – and imbues it with more than enough life to send it a furlong or two past the usual black-clad offerings.
I gotta admit: for an impulse buy, “Gil’s All Fright Diner” was a pretty good book.

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Apparently I mistyped the Jocelyn Brown link. Here it is again.

Review: Nuyorican Soul: “It’s Alright – I Feel It!”

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Kate Bush has a new record out. I’ll review it as soon as I get my sweaty paws on a copy. Right now, I wanna talk about this Nuyorican Soul 12-inch, and while the Mood II Swing and Roni Size mixes are great, let’s cut to the chase: the Masters At Work mix featuring the vocals of Jocelyn Brown.

Those of you who are true music afficionados will be familiar with Jocelyn Brown’s only hit under her own name, ‘Somebody Else’s Guy’, where her acapella opening aria let you know she was gonna bring the fire. Her performance on “It’s Alright – I Feel It!” is so stratospheric, UberProducers Louie Vega and Kenny Gonzalez decided to not even put music under it. When she leaves the verses, they pull all the tracks out except some piano and the backing vocals, while Ms. Brown delivers one of the most amazing, uplifting musical sermons you’re likely to ever hear on a dance floor.
Kate Bush can sing the Pi numerical sequence and make it sound like a deep and meaningful love ballad; Jocelyn Brown could sing the back of a box of Cap’n Crunch and make it sound like God’s Most Important Message To His Creation. I don’t know when this came out, but this is my new favourite record.

Somewhere, Nicky Siano is making an audience weep with joy with this track.

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I was on the phone with a friend when I walked by the TV and saw a bit of the film “The Joker Is Wild” starring Frank Sinatra. In the scene was a woman whom I was instantly attracted to. The friend and I talked about her, but we couldn’t figure out who she was. (Turns out she was Jeanne Crain.)

While I was searching for a suitable link for Jeanne Crain, I happed across this site, which appears to be a fetish site for glamourous women in opera gloves. (I’m a furry fan; who am *I* to pass judgement on what moves anyone else?) I couldn’t resist peeking at the galleries for Myrna Loy and the Gabor sisters (because ‘those who know me best, know me best’) but in the end it was little more than entertaining, because (furry issues notwithstanding) I am a leg man.