Canadian Government Falls; Canadians “Mildly Annoyed”

The Canadian government fell the other day. (apologies for the Flash) By ‘fell’, I mean ‘collapsed’: the ruling party lost a ‘no confidence’ vote and everybody has to run for a snap re-election in January. No-one appears to have noticed this. THEIR GOVERNMENT HAS FALLEN. What are Canadians doing? Shopping for the holidays, mostly. When asked about it, the general consensus is that they’re kinda miffed the campaigning has to take place during the holiday season.

In America, some woman camps out on the president’s oil fields in a half-baked protest of some sort, and the whole country shuts down for two weeks while everybody screams at each other.

I find it thoroughly amusing that Canada is so stable politically and culturally that the implosion of their government doesn’t even rate the batting of an eye. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Canada Rules O.K.

In other Canadian election news, the Green Party of Canada got enough votes in the last election that they qualify as a major political party this time around. They’re running on the slogan “We ARE ‘None of the Above’!”


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