Done Eating

TVOne, the apparent answer to Booty Entertainment Television, today showed ‘The Wiz‘ over and over, all day, and are STILL showing it as I write this, for another three and three-quarter hours.

I can’t believe there isn’t another movie that they could be showing. ‘The Wiz’ suffers from two things that doomed it from the start: 1. a fatally flawed premise, and 2.Diana Ross.

In the original Broadway play, Dorothy (played by Stephanie Mills) was the daughter of sharecroppers in rural Kansas, in the 1930s. Not too far from the original, yeah? This WORKS as a story premise, though. In the film, Dorothy (played by Ross) is a schoolteacher in New York City who desparately needs a life. I guess the idea is that she’s some sort of naive savant, having managed to become a schoolteacher in NYC without learning anything about the “real world”. According to the film, she’s ‘never been south of 125th Street’. A woman lives 30+ years in NEW YORK CITY and never gets below 125th Street? I hadn’t been in NYC two hours on my first visit before I was running through the Village like a crazy person, and I came in across the George Washington Bridge.

Anyway, this film is wack from the get-go. Not even Quincy Jones‘ soundtrack could save it, although the music is brilliant, and all the performances are entertaining, except for Ross, whose idea of a naive schoolteacher was apparently to stagger through the film like she was on Darvocet.
There HAS to be another Black film involving Thanksgiving we could be watching besides this. Wasn’t ‘Waiting To Exhale‘ about eating, somehow?


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